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June 21, 2017

EP.8 - Burning Priest {DJ Man} : Droppin Beets


The Boys Are Back In Town!  They have returned from an extended vacation/ Dentist visits/ Busy work weeks/ Slothful Like tendencies...(Wes... Yeah, we know about you).  This weeks ep is more of a catch up between buds and between 20 something comics from Zachs pull box.  Theres some good nugs in here with the "Guess the comic based off the cover art game" Also a 4 ish minute intro, before the intro.

     Intro and Outro by kasa90 - loopx https://www.freesound.org/people/kasa90/

And A Special Thanks/ShoutOut to our buds over at godzilla gaming.

check them out at --->  godzillagamingblog.wordpress.com/  

as well as ------------->  youtube.com/channel/UCjl-6sZrlx_4GbhxhDPrn4Q


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